Prada stationed in the famous luxury retail electricity suppliers, released 2016 winter fashion show.

PRADA officially entered the famous luxury retail e-commerce “mytheresa”. The cooperation is PRADA the first authorized online channel sale brand products. Coincides with autumn and winter new products on-line, and the ten anniversary of the establishment of mytheresa, in order to celebrate the special cooperation, mytheresa once again to join the well-known models, fashion icon, shooting a group of PRADA 2016 autumn and winter fashion show.

Prada 2016 show

Many stars together to help out Shanghai Prada store opening!

Prada Supermodel

Recently, the internationally renowned luxury brand Prada outlet store re opening ceremony was held in Shanghai. Many stars attend. Sun Li, Song Jia, Jiang Shuying, Jing Bairan, Liu Wen, etc. Have arrived at the scene to help out. For a long time did not appearance Maggie Cheung, also came to the brand platform.

The most absorbing eye is postpartum comeback Zhang Zilin, Zhang Zilin wearing a Chinese Ink style printed coat collocation the Italian court style of skirt, all people faces are filled with a happy smile, the speed of post natal stature recovery is amazing. Supermodel “Liu Wen” wear Prada outlet white shirt collocation Prada retro print dress debut, overlap style waist shape particularly eye-catching.

That night, Li Hui also dressed in the city OL style debut scene. The iconic red shawl with long hair, Prada Warm color striped shirt collocation Prada gray plaid skirt, Prada handbags particularly eye-catching, look elegant and generous.

Prada launched new Inside handbags: fun, sexy, and full of subversive!

Prada Inside Bags is the brand launch a new outlet classic handbags, Prada’s unique clever design as the core concept: soft inner structure two bags hidden, deft design, exercising writer’s inventive mind. A handbags cleverly hidden in another handbags, this cheap unique structure raised a lot of emotion. It is funny, sexy, elegant, and full of subversive, the perfect blend rich tradition and bold ideas.

Bags inside using a variety of luxurious outlet leather crafted combination, including alligator skin, ostrich skin and calf skin. Soft “inner structure” is made with soft outlet sheep leather. The inner bags and outer bags of this style of handbags choose the classic and new colors, can be the same color mix, can also create a creative internal and external color collision effect, highlight the unique personality of the host. The outer bags is connected with the inner bags through the complex cheap design, this complex design will be the top of the cheap traditional Prada technology and clever innovative results of organic integration together. The inner bags is composed of two folds is connected with the outer bags, not use any internal structure, create a soft, discount, exquisite handbags. Each outlet handbags is spent a few hours by craftsmen handmades.

Prada Inside Bags

This essential discount new handbags is full of intriguing dual character, implicit and without losing the bold, subversion of the traditional at the same time still showing the classic cheap temperament.

This style Prada bags in bags, modelling innovative, convenient carrying. Two beautiful bags combined, having a level of texture, form an overall elegant and harmonious.

Stitching color bags dress up a whole autumn and winter!Prada 2016 launched Galleria handbags

Prada launched 2016 autumn and winter Galleria handbags, internal and external color continuous interpretation of outlet innovation, the perfect fusion of individuality and discount material, online dress up a whole autumn and winter!The new style Prada Galleria handbags use of cheap Calf leather to create, the internal assembly of different color Suede Full lining, side is equipped with hand sewn button, beautiful and practical and generous at the same time.

Prada handbags
It’s a very nice fashion bags.

Prada popular single product SAFFIANO leather handbag

Prada SAFFIANO leather handbags:
double handle, disassembly shoulder straps, plated fittings, metal lettering logo, side snap closure, three pockets: two zipper bag, a middle interlayer, prada logo lining.

prada handbags
Basic information:
Brand name: Prada
Brand online origin: Italy
Product Name: SAFFIANO leather handbag
Product discount material: leather
Product color: Pink
Product size: length 30, height 20, width 13 CM
Product outlet number: BN1801_NZV_F0410
Product elements: embroidery, printing
Prada SAFFIANO leather handbags
The current Designer: Miuccia Prada
The cheap series: 2016 new series

Prada classic style, comfort and fashion mitsein.

When discount fashion became a part of life, most people began to pursue all kinds of cheap fashion goods. Clothing, shoes, accessories, and even bags, in particular, the wallet, they are elegant, fashionable symbol. Of course, the utility function of the wallet also brings convenience to people. According to online understanding, in the global market, popular fashion brand Prada, there is a classic and stylish wallet, prada wallet and purse, are very popular.